Official Baseball Card “Want List”

I mentioned in my latest Blog entry about my baseball cards that I am not quite retired from the hobby, and there is still a little bit of me that wishes to find particular cards of particular players.

While I have many cards just laying and collecting dust, they could possibly be used for trade material for the following cards on my official “Want List”.

Here’s that list …

kolb.jpgGARY KOLB: Rock Falls native who played for the Cardinals, Braves, Mets and Pirates over a career in the 1960s. One card of his from each teams.
DAN KOLB: Walnut native and former MLB All-Star who played for the Rangers, Brewers, Braves and Pirates. One card of his from each teams. Certified autographed card and/or game-used card if available.

STEVE EDDY: Sterling native whose only cards are likely from a minor league set. He played parts of 1 season with the 1979 Angels.

STAN HACK: Could be a real card or a replica. Owned a tavern in Grand Detour.

SETH BLAIR: Rock Falls native who played in the Cardinals minor league system. I know there are major-league card issues of him, including autographs.

JAKE JUNIS: Rock Falls native who playS in the Royals minor league system.

FRANK SHAUGHNESSY: A 1909 T-206 exists of this all-around minor league sports guy born in Amboy, who was award MiLB’s “King of Baseball” honor in 1953.

Any minor league cards (which I would assume are rare) of the followi
ng: Bruce Scheidegger (Dodgers 1970s, my girls basketball coach), Bob Barnett (1980s Phillies, former H-BR and Hampshire boys basketball coach), Dan Matznick (1990s White Sox, Sterling native), Matthew Hess (1990s Cubs, Dixon native), Ed Acosta (1990s Dodgers, Rock Falls native), Micah Dunphy (2000s Athletics, Dixon native). These are absolute long shots, probably.

Any 1970 Topps card of a Seattle Pilots player (Skip Lockwood?).


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