Cody’s Baseball Card “List” (Version 2.1)

Another month, another overhaul of my baseball card List.

This time, I’ve dismantled the intriguing fabric of it and made it a simple list. No ranks.

[UPDATE 4/22/22: I’ve come to understand that the concept of a “Want List” is defined differently by almost everyone else in the hobby as “It’s on his list therefore he is going to buy it.” Not really. I have edited this post to simply refer to the list as “The List” and nothing more. Finds will be described as “list finds.”]

That’s because I keep finding way too many cards that I wish to have, and it becomes too difficult to rank them. Why is one No. 42 and the other No. 78? It wound up being just a “whatever” feel with an explanation taking 10 years to unravel.

So I decided to keep it simple. Obviously the older cards are the most desirable. I even added an original T-206 to it. I have spent the past few weeks browsing the annals of every baseball card ever made to come up with a list of the ones that I would like to add to my collection.

A little history about my collection: I collected religiously until about 2002, before I began a new love in journalism. I’ve added several thousands of cards since, but many of them don’t really interest me. I also used to follow baseball religiously until I began my journalism career, so the collecting went hand-in-hand with it.

The general gist of it is that I enjoy collecting players who played during the 1990s and earlier, with only a few exceptions. There are players who were rookies in the late 1990s who continued to have cards into the 2010s, and I’ve missed out in collecting their cards since. Lots of them make up the more recent cards on my list.

I don’t follow a whole lot of professional sports anymore, having kept to high school and small college sports with my journalism career. However, I do enjoy following the local players and those who I had the opportunity to cover their games over the years. Likewise, and perhaps most importantly, I don’t care for the current state of the collecting hobby – box breaks, sold-out Walmart shelves, colors of the rainbow variations, and all of the bells and whistles. That would be a full-time job for me, and while it’s great to see people engage in that line of work, that’s just not me.

I collect to collect. It used to be all about quantity, but that backfired very quickly with the crash of the hobby. Pictured at the top of the post are my baseball card binders. That’s just 15% of my collection. The other 85%, the really, really low-end of the collection, is awaiting resale of some sort, cards that have served their personal purpose to me and are ready for a new home.

Much of my collection involves collecting player’s career team arcs. For each player I choose to collect, I would like to have one card of that player for each team they have played for. See my post about Tommy and Willie Davis for an explanation of what this means.

Much of my collecting story deals with the past. But what about the present and future?

Two of the binders have cards that are “booked” at less than $1. The other four have cards that are “booked” for $1 or more. Not all of the cards are in mint condition, but I have them just to say that I have them.

Collecting goal No. 1: Upgrade current “non-dollar” cards by value. I have certain cards of players on certain teams that are less than $1. Example: I originally had a 1994 Collector’s Choice card of Jack Morris from his Indians days. I recently found a 1994 Pinnacle Museum Collection parallel card of him that was worth more than $1. I added the new Morris card and I removed the other Morris card into a sale pile.

Collecting goal No. 2: Build PCs of local players. There are certain players who have a permanent spot on my Want List. Those players are as follows … Gary Kolb, Dan Kolb, Jake Junis, Seth Blair, Steve Eddy, Danny Matznick, Mike Foltynewicz and Eduardo Acosta. If I know of any other Sterling and Rock Falls players with minor league baseball cards, they will be added to that list. I don’t actively search for those players when I’m out buying, but when I wind up stumbling upon their cards, I immediately put them in my buy pile.

Because of Junis’ and Foltynewicz’s active careers, as well as Blair’s comeback career, these three players serve as the reason why I continue to collect. These are the three players I keep the most up to date on.

Collecting goal No. 3: Tell a history of baseball. Many cards in my collection are reminders of several unique baseball feats. Not all are highlight cards, but they have an interesting story to show. I enjoy finding records and having a card of the player from the year after achieving the record (as the stat is incorporated in the back of that card).

In addition to the three current active players, one of the other interesting reasons why I continue to have at least some eye on pro baseball is to learn of new records being set. My journalism and history passions make me root, in a way, for interesting storylines to happen. As long as it’s not one of those ugly, alphabet soup sabermetric stats, I’ll keep an eye on it.

For example: Albert Pujols needs another 150 RBIs or so to surpass Hank Aaron for the all-time mark. Can he do it, if he continues for another 3 years?

Another example: Tim Anderson seems to hit a lot of first-pitch-of-the-game home runs. What’s the all-time mark for that exact statistic? If he has it, what year did he break it? That’s the card I would be looking for.

Collecting goal No. 4: Complete the List …



Primary List

1909 T-206 Frank Shaughnessy
1915 Cracker Jack, Ward Miller
1932 Cubs Team Issue, Leroy Herrman
1941 Double Play, Nels Potter
1950 Bowman, Eddie Waitkus
1951 Bowman, Bob Elliott
1951 Bowman, Virgil Trucks
1952 Bowman, Bucky Harris
1953 Topps, Virgil Trucks
1954 Bowman, Frank Thomas
1955 Indians Golden Stamps, Hank Greenberg
1955 Bowman, Vern Stephens
1955 Bowman, Virgil Trucks
1955 Bowman, Eddie Waitkus
1955 Bowman, Bob Grim
1956 Topps, Hank Sauer
1956 Topps, Bill Virdon
1957 Topps, Indians team card – feat. Bob Feller
1957 Topps, Dodgers team card – feat. Jackie Robinson
1957 Topps, Cubs team card – feat. Monte Irvin
1958 Topps, Virgil Trucks
1958 Topps, Jack Sanford
1958 Topps, Tony Kubek
1958 Topps, Athletics team card – feat. manager Lou Boudreau
1959 Topps, Ted Kluszewski
1959 Topps, Albie Pearson
1959 Topps, Bob Turley
1960 Topps, Norm Cash
1960 Topps, Sam Jones
1961 Topps, Red Sox team card – feat. Ted Williams
1961 Topps, “Beantown Bombers” (Malzone/Wertz/Jensen)
1961 Topps, Ron Hansen
1961 Fleer, Joe McGinnity
1961 Fleer, Warren Giles
1961 Post, Harvey Kuenn (Indians)
1961 Indians Team Issue, Luke Appling (Coach)
1962 Topps, Don Schwall
1962 Post, Frank Thomas
1962 Post, Jim Brosnan
1963 Orioles Postcards, Luke Appling (Coach)
1963 Topps, Manny Mota
1963 Topps, Vic Wertz
1963 Topps, Ken Hubbs
1963 Topps, Larry Jackson
1963 Topps, Cubs team card – feat. coach Buck O’Neil
1964 Topps, Ken Boyer
1964 Topps, Lew Burdette
1964 Topps, Jimmy Piersall
1964 Topps, Billy Pierce
1964 Topps, Cardinals team card – feat. Stan Musial
1965 Topps, Larry Jackson
1966 Topps, Matty Alou
1966 Topps, Jim Lefebvre
1966 Dodgers Records, Walter O’Malley/Claude Osteen
1967 Topps, Curt Simmons
1967 Topps, Dick Groat
1967 Topps, Vern Law
1967 Topps, Tommy Helms
1968 Yankees Photos SCFC, Rocky Colavito
1969 Topps, Joe Pepitone
1969 Topps, Stan Bahnsen
1969 Topps Stamps, Hoyt Wilhelm
1969 Milton Bradley, Bobby Cox
1969 A’s Black and White, Joe DiMaggio (Coach)
1969 Senators Team Issue, Nellie Fox (Coach)
1970 Topps, Tommy Harper
1971 Topps, Chris Short
1971 Topps, Alex Johnson
1972 Topps, Larry Hisle
1972 Topps, Tony La Russa
1972 Topps, Earl Williams
1972 Topps, Hoyt Wilhelm
1973 Topps, Matty Alou
1973 Topps, Jon Matlack
1974 Royals Postcards, Orlando Cepeda
1975 Expos Postcards, Dave McNally
1975 Angels Postcards, Whitey Herzog (mgr.)
1975 Angels Postcards, Don Drysdale (Broadcaster)
1975 Indians Team Issue, Larry Doby (Coach)
1975 Topps, Al Downing
1975 Topps, Lindy McDaniel
1976 Any Orioles card of Reggie Jackson
1976 Topps, John Montefusco
1976 English’s Chicken bucket lid, Ken Holtzman
1976 SSPC, Harmon Killebrew
1976 SSPC, Dick Williams (Mgr.)
1976 Chicago Greats, Bill Veeck
1977 Topps, Blue Jays team card – feat. Vada Pinson
1977 Topps, Rawly Eastwick
1977 Pirates Post-Gazette Portraits Goose Gossage
1977 Fritsch One-Year Wonders, Em Lindbeck
1977 Yankees Burger King, Mike Torrez
1977 Yankees Burger King, Jimmy Wynn
1978 TCMY, Gary Kolb
1978 SSPC, Larry Doby (Coach)
1978 Indians Team Issue, Willie Horton
1978 Topps, Jerry Garvin (pickoff season leader)
1980 Mariners Postcards, Bill Mazeroski (coach)
1982 Donruss, Vada Pinson (Coach)
1983 Renata Galasso Cracker Jack, Ward Miller
1983 Royals Postcards, Rocky Colavito
1984 Donruss, Joe Carter
1985 Royals Team Issue, John Schuerholz
1986 Fleer, Ken Griffey
1986 Fleer, Andre Dawson
1986 Fleer, Kirby Puckett
1988 Donruss Yankees Team Set, Jose Cruz
1988 Giants Mother’s Cookies, Phil Garner
1989 Giants Mother’s Cookies, Goose Gossage
1990 Dodgers Target, Charlie Irwin
1990 Tigers Team Issue, Vada Pinson (coach)
1991 Pacific Senior League, Jim Rice
1992 Stadium Club, Kirk Gibson
1993 Conlan, Leroy Herrman
1993 Conlan, Nels Potter
1993 Finest Refractors, Pat Listach
1993 Topps, Derek Jeter
1993 Topps, Tony Perez (Mgr.)
1993 Ted Williams, Jim Bouton
1993 Marlins Publix, Vada Pinson (coach) (+ others)
1994 Upper Deck American Epic, Marvin Miller
1994 Ted Williams, Buck O’Neil
1995 Brewers Police, Bob Uecker
1995 Upper Deck Trade, Willie McGee
1995-96 Fritsch AAGPBL #252 Faye Dancer
1995-96 Fritsch AAGPBL #61 Dottie Ferguson
1995-96 Fritsch AAGPBL #416 Dorothy Kamenshek

Many cards after 1996 also come in different parallel (chrome, refractor, etc.) and variation (multi-color, special stamp, etc.) forms, and players sometimes may also be featured in insert sets within the same brand. While those are often glamorous, I prefer to have the simple base card as it is cheaper.

1996 Pinnacle FanFest, Bud Selig
1996 Collector’s Choice, Howard Johnson
1997 Marlins Pacific, Jim Leyland
1997 Score, Ruben Sierra (Reds/Blue Jays)
1998 Pacific Online, Kevin Mitchell
1998 Pacific Invincible Team Checklists, Julio Franco (+ others)
1999 Fleer, Jim Abbott
1999 Fleer Update, Dan Kolb
2000 Topps season highlights, Jesse Orosco
2000 Topps All-Star Rookie Team, Dwight Gooden
2000 Skybox Dominion, Danny Kolb & Kelly Dransfeldt
2001 Padres Postcards, Alan Trammell (Coach)
2002 Fleer Tradition, Tim Raines (Sr.)
2002 Topps, Jose Canseco
2002 Victory, Lenny Harris
2003 Topps Total, Jesse Orosco
2003 Topps Traded, Joe Girardi
2003 Upper Deck 40-Man, Ron Gant
2004 MLB Showdown Pennant Run (all-star), Dan Kolb
2004 Fleer Tradition, Todd Zeile
2005 Topps, Roberto Alomar
2006 Topps Hit Parade, Ruben Sierra
2006 Upper Deck, Javy Lopez
2007 Topps, Johan Santana
2007 Upper Deck, Jeff Conine
2007 Upper Deck First Edition, Kenny Lofton
2008 Topps Update, Sean Casey
2008 Topps Cubs Gift Set, Alan Trammell (Coach)
2008 Topps Heritage, Luis Gonzalez
2008 Topps Year in Review, Julio Franco
2008 Topps Year in Review, Julio Franco/Roger Clemens
2008 Topps Year in Review, Prince Fielder
2008 Topps Year in Review, Rick Ankiel
2008 Topps Triple Threads, Hideo Nomo
2009 O-Pee-Chee, Jason Varitek
2009 Upper Deck, Richie Sexson
2009 Upper Deck, Jim Edmonds
2009 Upper Deck, Kenny Rogers
2010 Topps, Andruw Jones
2010 Topps Update, Jim Edmonds
2010 Topps Heritage, Joe Torre
2010 Bowman Draft Prospects, Seth Blair
2010 Upper Deck Season Biography, John Smoltz
2011 Topps, Jamie Moyer
2011 Topps, Omar Visquel
2012 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions, Ross Barnes
2012 Topps, Jason Giambi
2012 Topps Update, Jamie Moyer
2013 USA Baseball Champions, Seth Blair
2013 Topps, Andruw Jones
2013 Topps Heritage, Jim Leyland
2014 Topps Update Fond Farewells, Omar Vizquel
2015 Stadium Club, Adam Dunn
2015 Stadium Club, Jason Giambi
2015 Panini Cooperstown, Pat Gillick
2016 Topps Heritage, Bruce Bochy
2018 Topps Update (all-star) J.A. Happ
2019 Topps Heritage, Pat Neshek
2020 Topps Big League Park Oddities, Edwin Jackson

Pending possible production:
2023 Topps, Jake Junis (Giants)
2023 card of Yadier Molina and Adam Wainwright together

Minor League Cards

My minor league list includes local players, some established pro players who played for regional minor league teams (Clinton, Quad Cities, Rockford); and, in one case, Vince Coleman’s final stolen base count which was not published in any of his last major league cards.

1962 Tulsa Oilers Pepsi, Gary Kolb
1963 Tulsa Oilers Pepsi, Gary Kolb
1975 Quad City Angels TCMA, Willie Aikens
1975 Clinton Pilots, Jim Leyland
1976 Quad City Angels TCMA, Steve Eddy
1976 Quad City Angels TCMA, Joe Maddon
1976 Quad City Angels TCMA, Carney Lansford
1976 Dubuque Packers TCMA, Bruce Bochy
1977 Clinton Dodgers TCMA, Mike Scioscia
1977 Clinton Dodgers TCMA, Dave Stewart
1978 Quad City Angels TCMA, Alan Wiggins
1979 Clinton Dodgers TCMA, Alan Wiggins
1980 Salt Lake Sea Gulls TCMA, Steve Eddy
1983 Quad City Cubs TCMA, Shawon Dunston
1983 Renata Galasso T-206 Reprint, Frank Shaughnessy
1989 Quad City Angels Best, Jim Edmonds
1990 Midwest League All-Stars Grand Slam, Danny Matznick
1991 Sarasota White Sox ProCards, Danny Matznick
1993 Helena Brewers ProCards, Eduardo Acosta
1993 Rockford Royals ProCards, Johnny Damon
1994 Quad City River Bandits Classic, Billy Wagner
1994 Rockford Royals Classic, Mike Sweeney
1996 Charleston Riverdogs Team issue, Dan Kolb
1997 Florida State League Top Prospects, Dan Kolb
1998 Tulsa Drillers Team Issue, Dan Kolb
1998 Grandstand Memphis Redbirds, Vince Coleman
1999 Just (Rockford Reds), Adam Dunn
2002 Quad City River Bandits Grandstand, Joe Mauer
2008 Cotuit Kettleers Choice, Seth Blair
2009 Cotuit Kettleers Choice, Seth Blair
2009 Tristar Obak, Frank Shaughnessy
2010 Appalachian League Prospects Grandstand, Mike Foltynewicz
2012 Burlington Royals Grandstand, Jake Junis
2014 Lexington Legends Brandt, Jake Junis

Vintage-era Topps team cards (MAYBE)

These 10 cards are unique in that they MAY have star players on them who don’t appear on a base card from that set. The following cards I have not been able to verify if that person may be on it. Any help would be appreciated.

1959 Topps, Dodgers team card – feat. Pee Wee Reese?
1960 Topps, Braves team card – feat. Mickey Vernon?
1963 Topps, Phillies team card – feat. pitching coach Bob Lemon?
1964 Topps, Indians team card – feat. Early Wynn?
1968 Topps, Angels team card – feat. pitching coach Bob Lemon?
1975 Topps, Royals team card – feat. Orlando Cepeda?
1976 Topps, Dodgers team card – feat. Juan Marichal?
1976 Topps, Rangers team card – feat. Willie Davis?
1977 Topps Angels team card – feat. Tommy Davis?
1977 Topps, Brewers team card – feat. possibly Vada Pinson? (Notes: Pinson played for the Brewers during 1976 Spring Training, but was released the day before Opening Day; he also is featured as a coach on the 1977 Blue Jays team card)

Other baseball cards

This list is sorted by team. In trying to collect a player’s career team arc, I’m missing teams for several players. Names marked with an asterisk (*) denote players who have a permanent spot on this list.

Angels: Ron Gant
Astros: Vinny Castilla, Mike Foltynewicz*, John Franco
Athletics: Eric Karros, Tim Raines
Blue Jays: Randy Myers, Ruben Sierra
Braves: Bobby Bonilla, Ken Caminitti, Mike Foltynewicz*, Wally Joyner, Gary Kolb*
Brewers: Jim Abbott, Dan Kolb*, Jim Sundberg
Cardinals: Gary Kolb, Fernando Valenzuela
Cubs: Eric Karros, Kenny Lofton
Dodgers: Phil Garner, Devon White, David Wells, Todd Zeile
Giants: Doyle Alexander, Steve Finley, Ryan Klesko, Kenny Lofton, Al Oliver, Reggie Sanders Indians/Guardians: Harold Baines, Chuck Finley, Jeff Kent
Marlins: Todd Zeile
Mets: Shawn Green, Orel Hershiser, Gary Kolb, Todd Zeile
Orioles: Javy Lopez, Jamie Moyer, Todd Zeile
Padres: Kevin Brown, Vinny Castilla, Jim Edmonds, Randy Myers, Reggie Sanders
Pirates: Gary Kolb, Amos Otis, Luis Tiant
Rangers: Ken Caminitti, Mike Foltynewicz*, Dan Kolb*, Kenny Lofton, Todd Zeile
Reds: Terry Francona
Red Sox: Dan Kolb*, Jamie Moyer, David Wells
Rockies: Steve Finley, Jason Giambi, Ron Gant, Howard Johnson, Bret Saberhagen, Greg Vaughn
Royals: Reggie Sanders
Tigers: Luis Gonzalez, Hideo Nomo
Twins: Don Baylor
White Sox: Ruben Sierra, Richie Zisk
Yankees: Ichiro, Andruw Jones, Rick Reuschel, Todd Zeile


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