The Saturday Night Cody Show


I can’t always have my favorite days off of work. Especially with two jobs.

Over the years, skill in getting things done on the busy nights (Friday night, Saturday night) made me get slotted in those particular shifts. Someone had to do it, and that person was me.

I’ve told the situation many times, but working behind a counter and looking out the window seeing everyone else I know having fun was really tough on me.

It was tough before, it was tough during, and it is tough now.

Two weekends ago was that first really nice Spring night. The sound of motorcycles blazing across Dixon Avenue in front of Casey’s, the many people I know coming in Casey’s getting ice and stuff for bonfires, it made me sigh much more than normal.

One night I was reading a book that my parents got me for Christmas, a pictorial history of the Big 89 WLS. Reading the captions and imagining the pictures made me want to go on YouTube and try to find sound checks from these shows, and to put a voice to these faces.

That’s when I first heard the Larry Lujack introduction that sounded just like the Hallelujah chant.

Then I imagined it.

“Coooooo, dy-Cutter

Coooooo, dy-Cutter

Cody Cutter

Cody Cutter

Super …. Clerk!”

How do I turn those awful fun nights behind a counter into a good fun night?

It was then I decided to try a deejay personality.

As I mentioned, seeing my friends come in the gas station kind of triggered a sigh from me because I wanted that to be me. It was a good thing that I got to see them, but why was I looking at it in a negative light? I shouldn’t be doing that.

I want to make those particular moments the highlights of my night.

That’s why I post on Facebook when I’m working on Saturday night. Come on in and hopefully we can make each others days a little better.

It’s still a work in progress, but I think things are getting better.