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Indiana, Cincinnati, Owensboro and more

Spring 2023 5-day, multi-state road trip

**Links will be posted over the course of April and May**

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Day 1 Travel Log

Day 2 Travel Log

Day 3 Travel Log

Day 4 Travel Log

Day 5 Travel Log

Road Trip Stop: NCAA Hall of Champions, Indianapolis

Road Trip Stop: William Howard Taft Boyhood Home, Cincinnati

Road Trip Stop: American Sign Museum, Cincinnati

Road Trip Stop: Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame, Owensboro, KY

Road Trip Stop: Ariston Cafe on Historic Route 66, Litchfield, IL

What’s to come in April

I recently took a two-day trip inside the Driftless Region, and will embark on a multi-day, multi-state trip close to Illinois, but still so far away. Want to know more?

Cody’s Road Trips DEBUT FEATURE
Pray The “Rollery”
Classic Route 78: Hooppole to Annawan
Bureau-Henry Moraine

For the first installment of Cody’s Road Trips, I decided to visit the closest place I thought was cool to me that I had never been to before. Here’s a church and sports connection out in the country west of Hooppole, lllinois.

Illinois Route 78 is one of the longest state roads in Illinois. The highway has an interesting early history, and a pre-history that is intact, but in parts. Here’s a big piece of that classic stretch from Hooppole to Annawan.

You don’t have to go to the Driftless Region or the Mississippi River shore to see neat views. Here’s a point in northern Henry and Bureau counties with high sights, winding roads, hills to ascend and descend, and plenty of small lakes where mining once was rampant.

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I’m Cody Cutter, and I live in the Twin Cities of Sterling and Rock Falls – a part of “downstate” Illinois north and west of the southern limits of the Chicago metro area. I am a news and sports journalist, retired gas station cashier, local historian, 2005 Sterling High School graduate, 2010 Sauk Valley Community College graduate, Asperger’s Syndrome (Autism) warrior, big brother, little brother, single guy, human GPS system, baseball card collector and, yes, tourist.

Since my sophomore year of high school, I wanted to be a journalist. I’m still doing that. More than 20 years later, I’m still writing. I used to be a clerk at gas stations for 11 years, sometimes on top of the writing career. I have a roof over my head, a car that runs, a family close to me, some money in the bank, and a sense of reality. About the only thing missing is that woman of my dreams, but that’s a long story.

I’ve operated personal blogs from time to time, but could never update them often because of a busy work schedule. Likewise, this website keeps changing. In this incarnation, I have made it a road trip website to showcase my travels throughout the Midwest – from its outer areas to those close to home. I say “road trip website” because “travel website” technically encompasses much broader travel as opposed to what I do. I like to stay close to the Midwest as possible.

Professionally, I am a news and sports journalist. Sports was my main forte for most of these years, but I have branched into doing more news stories and personality features. So you can read my high school sports work, and news and feature stories, on Shaw Media (Sauk Valley Media [news] [niche] & Friday Night Drive).

I’m hopeful that the stories I post here on Cody’s Road Trips will give you broader knowledge of what all out there is interesting close to home. It’s nice to stay home, but it’s also good to get away for a while.



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