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Welcome to CodyCutter.net!
Home of news and sports journalist Cody Cutter, based in Sterling, Illinois.

It’s been a while since I had an actual website for myself. Remember those old GeoCities or Expage websites from 20orso years back? And how COOL it was to have your own website?

Everyone else at Challand Middle School had Expage websites. I, and maybe a couple of others, had GeoCities — which was a Yahoo product, and my email was (and still is) done though Yahoo. There was a lot of creativity and cool backgrounds associated with GeoCities, as opposed to the simple, same-as-everyone-else template that Expage had.

I actually used some of Expage to make my website better. For some reason, Expage didn’t allow clickable URL links on their pages (I’m pretty sure of it). However, GeoCities did. So I just made a bunch of random Expage pages and linked them to my GeoCities page and created perhaps a more comprehensible website than everyone else.

That was more than 20 years ago. GeoCities and Expage faded as MySpace and Facebook took over; those two sites incorporated what ICQ used to do. Working with my old website helped me develop my old Northern Illinois Sports Beat website, and the personal blogs I used to have in the years after high school.

Facebook is my primary social media tool, and I could do a lot with it. However, since it is a chronological news feed, it doesn’t allow me to keep “features” readily accessible, like a webpage does.

So what can you see here?

I’ve operated personal blogs from time to time, but could never update them often because of a busy work schedule. Likewise, this website keeps changing. As of August of 2021, I am making this website like a public platform for people to get to know who I am and link them to my social media accounts.

One of my interests over the years is baseball cards. I feel like I have many interesting takes on baseball cards, and will make this website a platform for blog posts about the many baseball cards I have with stories and interesting details.

As for my primary interest, high school sports, that’s the stuff I get paid to do. So you can read my high school sports work on Shaw Media (Sauk Valley Media [news] [niche] & Friday Night Drive).

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Check back for more info!


I am accessible via Facebook and Twitter messenger, and it is the best way to get a hold of me; the links to those accounts are accessible by clicking on the menu square at the top left. You can also email me at shs42886 (at) yahoo (dot) com.