Sports evolve, and G.O.A.T.s do also

With LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers now in the NBA Finals, that G.O.A.T. discussion is being brought up again. And again. And again. And again. And again ….

Let me be concise:

Sports of all kinds evolve throughout history. Sports athletes of all kinds evolve throughout history. The way sports are played evolve throughout history.

It is impossible to say that current G.O.A.T.s will be better than similar players 50-75 years from now. Sports, and the way sports are played, change a lot over the years.

Is it possible to play basketball better than Michael Jordan? Yes. Is it possible to play hockey better than Wayne Gretzky? Yes. Was it possible to play baseball better than Babe Ruth? It was. A better pound-for-pound fighter than Jack Dempsey? If you’re a big fan of Floyd Mayweather, then I guess so.

The reason why we have heated G.O.A.T. arguments is because people don’t want to diminish the people of their generation against others. How many old people say that things were “much better back then”? A lot. I’m sure people my age will say that same thing in 50 years when technology improves exponentially.

There will be basketball players better than MJ. Those in the MJ generation just don’t want to see their “holier than thou” on a descending pedestal, because somehow it ruins their own personal pride and tarnishes the awesomeness of their personal life.

We’re going to see someone better than LeBron James 50-75 years from now. That’s a given. That person will be better. So will the game of basketball.

Just like how records are made to be broken, G.O.A.T.s are made to be dethroned.