New baseball card “Want List” (11/28/21)

This “Want List” – UPDATED 12/18/2021 – supersedes previous lists on this website.

After my recent trip to the Orland Park card show, I found out that I had to restructure my Want List. I had acquired enough cards to eliminate lines to make the restructuring happen.

I still have a “Top 25 Most Wanted,” a “Top 20 Non-MLB Most Wanted,” and Kolb Family list. I previously had vintage and junk categories – they now are restructured to a “Bubbling Under” list of cards, a Mid-Priority list, and a Low-Priority list. I did that to assure that I took time to go after certain cards first, and not take the same amount of time to concentrate all over the board.

As mentioned elsewhere on my website, my collection concentration now is on collecting “team arcs” of star players, as well as other cards I find interesting. “Team Arc” is collecting at least one card for every team they played for, subsequent stints only necessary in rare cases.

“Team Arc” examples:

Nolan Ryan: Mets, Angels, Astros, Rangers. I have at least one Ryan card from his days as a Ranger, Astro and Angel. The Met cards are pricey, so they will be tough for me to get.

Luis Aparicio: White Sox, Orioles, White Sox, Red Sox. I have one card from his 2nd White Sox stint, and one from his Red Sox stint. I considered my “arc” complete with the recent purchase of a 1966 Topps Aparicio Orioles card. Still, a 1st Sox stint card wouldn’t be too bad, too, but I won’t go out of my way to find one.

I totally realize that a lot of these cards can easily be bought online. However, it’s not as thrilling doing it that way. I enjoy the collector-to-collector interaction and the digging-through-boxes search.

Condition for these cards really doesn’t matter. However, I did turn down a 1967 Topps Don Drysdale at $1 due to it looking outright hideous (it looked like alligator skin, blech!)

So here they are: Cody’s WANT LISTS ….

**TOP 25**

1) 1964 Topps Venezuelan issue, Gary Kolb rookie card

This is my “White Whale.” 

I already have two Gary Kolb rookies from the original 1964 Topps set. The Venezuelan card differs from the standard issue because it has a black-colored back instead of an orange-colored back of the original set. The Venezuelan cards were only issued in Latin America. Some have made it to the States, most have not. The superstars in this set go for thousands of dollars. The Kolb card, despite it’s rarity, only is $20. Just gotta find it! 

Why Gary Kolb? He’s a 1958 graduate of Rock Falls High School, in the co-hometown I grew up in. His claim to fame is that he pinch-ran for Stan Musial in his final at-bat at the end of the 1963 season. If I find a regular-issue Kolb rookie for $1 or less, I’ll buy it . As of this writing, I have four. The other Kolb cards I am looking for are his 1965 Topps as a Brave, and a 1978 TCMA card of him during his Mets days.

2) 1915 Cracker Jack, Ward Miller

To put it succinctly:

• Born in Mount Carroll, died and buried in Dixon

• Would be the only Federal League card I’d have

• It’s a common, so the price is lower than star cards

• The only pre-WW2 card (and pre-WW1, too) that I am interested in

3) 1976 Quad City Angels TCMA, Steve Eddy: Eddy is a Sterling native and a United Township alum who had a brief cup of coffee in the majors, and a pitching teammate of Nolan Ryan’s on the 1979 Angels. What makes this card tough to get is that this set has become very popular in recent years because of the Joe Maddon card. When collectors want the card, they most likely want the whole set with it, so it’s hard to find the Eddy card all by its lonesome. Carney Lansford is also in this set.

4) 1976 SSPC, Harmon Killebrew (Pictured above): This is Killebrew’s ONLY card from his time as a Kansas City Royal. This set is particularly interesting in that future broadcaster Keith Olbermann wrote the information on each card in the set.

5) 1993 Dodgers Police, Lance Parrish: 300+ home run slugger Parrish never played a game for the Dodgers, but suited up during spring training for the club.

6) 1975 Expos Postcards, Dave McNally: The name Andy Messersmith rings a bell not just because of his low ERA, but for his role in ushering in free agency. Dave McNally, former 20-game winner for the Orioles, was the other player along with Messersmith who was involved in such a deal at the time. McNally landed on the Expos, but this is his only Expos card.

7) 1976 Chicago Greats, Bill Veeck: From the eccentric owner’s second stint in charge of the Pale Hose.

8) 1976 disc card of Reggie Jackson: There are a few varieties of discs out there, but the ones from 1976 are of Jackson as a Baltimore Oriole.

9) 1961 Fleer, Stan Hack: One of the rare cards of someone who was retired as the set came out, this one is wanted for the reference to his then-home at the time of Dixon. Actually, he lived in Grand Detour (with a Dixon ZIP code) and ran a tavern there before his death. Hack is buried in Grand Detour.

10) 1983 Renata Galasso Cracker Jack, Ward Miller: If I can’t find my #2, this is the closest I’ll come to it.

11) 1977 Pirates Post-Gazette Portraits Goose Gossage

12) 1989 Giants Mother’s Cookies, Goose Gossage: These two localized Goose Gossage cards are the only ones of his on those teams. Likely found more often than not around Pittsburgh and San Francisco.

13) 1977 Yankees Burger King, Mike Torrez

14) 1988 Donruss Yankees Team Set, Jose Cruz: These two are the only cards of those players as Yankees.

15) 1988 Classic Red, Phil Niekro: Rarely are players featured on cards with teams they were on mid-season both before and after they were traded to other teams. Niekro was a Blue Jay for a brief moment after a stint with Cleveland and finishing his career with one game back in Atlanta. (I have Niekro’s only card from his final stint in Atlanta, a 1988 Score; one of the few good things about that set.)

16) 1970 Topps, Jake Gibbs: This is considered the very first “cameo card,” and what a cameo this is. In the background is a rookie Thurman Munson, whose rookie card is in this set.

17) 1970 Topps, Curt Flood: This is the most infamous card among players who never played for the team that’s on the front of the card. Flood, as many know, was traded to the Phillies from the Cardinals and it set off a big controversy and lawsuit when he refused to report to Philadelphia.

18) 1954 Topps, Angel Scull: I have at least one card of every card from 1955 on, so this would be my first 1954. Why this one? Scull was a Cuban star who was set to become the Senators first Black player, but it never happened and Scull never played a MLB game. Another Cuban who was rumored to have tried out for the Senators would be Fidel Castro, who became leader of Cuba a few years later.

19) 1969 Milton Bradley, Bobby Cox: Cox’s playing career didn’t amount to much, but apparently he was good enough to be on this oddball set. I have Cox’s complete manager career arc, but this is the only affordable one (for me) that’s out there.

20) 1999 Fleer Update, Dan Kolb: This is the rookie card of the aforementioned Gary Kolb’s cousin, who went to high school at Rock Falls and Walnut, both close to my hometown.

21) 1960 Topps, Carl Furillo: Played for the Dodgers for 15 years, collected more than 1,000 RBI, was .001 away from a .300 lifetime average, and was on two World Series-winning teams. Perhaps one of forgotten Dodger greats. Plus the only player with 1,000 or more RBI with service time in the 1960s (barely) that I don’t have a card of.

22) 1984 Donruss, Joe Carter: From the best set of the 1980s is one of the only 1990s stars that I do not have a rookie year card of. Plus, he was a Cub. How many Cubs “what if” players have there been? Lou Brock is one of them.

23) 1976 Topps, Lyman Bostock: The rookie card of one of the best “what could have beens” of the late 1970s. Bostock was promising .300 hitter who was murdered in Gary, Indiana during his 3rd season.

24) 1971 Dodgers Scoreboard, Dick Allen: This is the only year with cards of Dick Allen as a Los Angeles Dodger. This is the cheaper alternative to the rare 1971 Topps and OPC varieties.

25) 1987 Topps Traded, Ron Cey: Topps Traded cards are often found in unopened sets, and less likely to appear in a card show than regular edition cards. This particular set has a Greg Maddux rookie. Cey was a teammate of power hitters Reggie Jackson, Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco with more than 1,800 home runs between them. For being in the Top 25, this card actually is VERY cheap, at $0.10.

26) 1978 TCMY, Gary Kolb (Mets)

27) 1993 Helena Brewers Fleer/ProCards, Eduardo Acosta (minor league)

28) 1975 Angels Postcards, Whitey Herzog (mgr.)

29) 2002 Fleer Tradition, Tim Raines (Sr.) 

30) 1973 Topps, Orlando Cepeda

31) 1988 Giants Mother’s Cookies, Phil Garner

32) 1973 Topps, Leo Durocher (mgr.)

33) 1973 Topps, Whitey Herzog (mgr.)

34) 1972 Topps, Tony La Russa

35) 1982 Topps, Luis Tiant

36) 1976 Dubuque Packers, Bruce Bochy

37) 1969 Topps, Billy Martin (mgr.)

38) 1969 Topps, Graig Nettles (RC)

39) 1976 Topps, Willie Randolph (RC)

40) 1978 Topps, Dave Kingman

41) 1979 Topps, Bobby Bonds

42) 1980 Topps, Bobby Bonds

43) 1970 Topps, Oakland Athletics team card

44) 1972 Topps, Rick Dempsey (RC)

45) 1972 Topps, Larry Hisle

46) 1975 Topps, Tim McCarver

47) 1975 Topps, Claude Osteen

48) 1975 Topps, Andy Messersmith

49) 1976 Topps, Andy Messersmith

50) 1977 Topps, Dave Duncan

— —


I started collecting seriously in the mid-1990s. In the 10 years that went by, it’s hard for me to admit that there were cards of players on certain teams that I missed, but it happens. Then again, I wasn’t collecting to satisfy any want list. I, like many collectors, thought quantity meant money. Nope. 

These are cards of 1970s-era players, as well as Hall of Famers from recent years. Since there is more than one kind of card for these players on certain teams, they are lumped in this list. I have a specific degree of pickiness when it comes to players on this list. Base or parallel cards only (NO subset cards!) I’ve decided not to get in the business of high-cost autographs, patches, variants, press plates, etc. 

HALL OF FAME & VINTAGE are noted by bold or italics. Hall of famers take larger priority in this list, followed by vintage-era. 

This list will be quite fluid. I put together a short list a while ago, but there may be an instance where I overlooked the card in my collection, or find out I didn’t document a missing card.

Key: —- [Name]: [at least one card of that player on that team]

1986 Fleer: Trying to complete a set. Seeking #s 105 (Ken Griffey), 175 (Eric Davis), 246 (Andre Dawson), 345 (Roger Clemens), 401 (Kirby Puckett), 450 (Mike Schmidt) 

Jim Abbott: Brewers, White Sox

Doyle Alexander: Giants

Roberto Alomar: Diamondbacks, Devil Rays

Moises Alou: Marlins, Mets

Brady Anderson: Indians

Harold Baines: Indians

Don Baylor: Twins

Bobby Bonilla: Braves

Bruce Bochy: Giants (mgr.)

Kevin Brown: Padres, Yankees

Jose Canseco: Expos

Vinny Castilla: Astros, Padres

Ken Caminitti: Rangers, Braves

Chili Davis: Royals

Rick Dempsey: Yankees

Jim Edmonds: Padres, Cubs, Brewers, Reds

Chuck Finley: Indians, Cardinals

Julio Franco: Brewers, Rays, Mets

Terry Francona: Reds

Steve Finley: Dodgers, Angels, Giants, Rockies

Cecil Fielder: Indians

John Franco: Astros

Phil Garner: Dodgers

Shawn Green: Mets

Dwight Gooden: Astros, Rays

Luis Gonzalez: Tigers, Dodgers

Joe Giardi: Cardinals

Jason Giambi: Rockies, Indians

Kirk Gibson: Pirates

Gary Gaetti: Red Sox

Ron Gant: Angels, Rockies, Athletics, Padres

Andres Galarraga: Angels

Orel Hershiser: Mets

Ichiro Suzuki: Yankees

Andruw Jones: Dodgers, Rangers, Yankees

Howard Johnson: Rockies, Cubs

Wally Joyner: Braves

Jeff Kent: Indians

Eric Karros: Cubs, Athletics

Ryan Klesko: Giants

Kenny Lofton: Giants, Cubs, Yankees, Phillies, Dodgers, Rangers

Ray Lankford: Padres

Jim Leyland: Marlins, Tigers

Tony La Russa: Cardinals (mgr.) 

Javy Lopez: Orioles, Red Sox

Gary Matthews: Giants

Randy Myers: Blue Jays, Padres

Jaime Moyer: Orioles, Red Sox, Phillies, Rockies

Tino Martinez: Devil Rays

Kevin Mitchell: Athletics (1998 Pacific Online)

Willie McGee: Red Sox

Hal Morris: Tigers

Hideo Nomo: Royals

Al Oliver: Giants, Dodgers (both are in traded/update sets)

Amos Otis: Pirates (also in a traded/update set)

Andy Pettite: Astros

Mike Piazza: Padres

Lou Piniella: Cubs (mgr.)

Tim Raines: Athletics

Kenny Rogers: Mets, Tigers

Rick Reuschel: Yankees

Reggie Sanders: Padres, Giants, Royals

Bret Saberhagen: Rockies

Ruben Sierra: Blue Jays, White Sox, Twins

John Smoltz: Red Sox, Cardinals

BJ Surhoff: Braves

Joe Torre: Dodgers (mgr.)

Frank Viola: Reds, Blue Jays

Omar Vizquel: White Sox, Blue Jays

Greg Vaughn: Rockies

Fernando Valenzuela: Cardinals

Devon White: Dodgers

David Wells: Red Sox, Dodgers

Todd Zeile: Phillies, Orioles, Dodgers, Marlins, Rangers, Mets, Yankees, Expos

Richie Zisk: White Sox (in oddball sets only)

— —


These are players from Sterling or Rock Falls. One card from each year of the following:

Gary Kolb (1962 & 1963 Tulsa Oilers)

Dan Kolb (1996-2007)

Danny Matznick (1990-91)

Seth Blair (2008-2014)

Jakob Junis (2017-present)

Mike Foltynewicz (2010-present)

Nick Pepper (2007 & 2008 Traverse City Beach Bums)


(This list is a work in progress. Basically it is a list of Hall of Famers before 1969 that I do not have a card of, either on a certain team or in entirety. Check back soon!)