Journal: 9/7/15

I have to be at Casey’s tomorrow for a 12-5 afternoon shift, and after that probably work on football previews for the newspaper.

Today I got to see my dad, who came home for a brief visit. He is working at a job site south of Streator. He is staying down thataway while working there. Despite my busy schedule, and living just a few blocks away, I try to make it home when he comes. I wasn’t able to the last time, but I surprised him on his birthday last month by driving down there for dinner.

I’ve lived on my own for almost 3 years. I tried to keep from making many visits back home all of the time to yet to establish independence, but lately I’ve found it comforting to come back there once in a while. With all of the things I’ve been through this year, I’ve become a lot more closer in recent months. I wish I was more closer, but my life calls.

Other than also setting up this Blog, not much done today but relax and enjoy a rare day off from both SVM and Casey’s. Hope yours was just as great!



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