Conversation Pieces

Every now and again, I like to write about my struggles with socializing. This is one of those posts.

Conversation intrigues me. I just wish I could do more of it. I hear a lot of people around me talk a lot, but most of their conversations stem around dealing with snags in life. In bar talk (at least the ones I go to), such conversations are often accompanied by the F-word or the S-word.

It seems to me like the more difficulty people have in their lives, the more talkative they are. (But that doesn’t mean talkative people have difficult lives). Those with a lot on their plate in life can talk about anything, often asking questions and trying very hard to nail do n answers to their problems.

Here’s where I come in. I try to make my life as less-difficult as possible. The tasks that I do and go on have very clear step-by-step instructions. There’s no deviating off the path. I also do not like going into tasks, or doing things, blindly – because I may very well get caught in a loop that is time-consuming, and I don’t want that.

Because I try to make my life clear as possible, this means I don’t have to hound people for experiences, or relate to other people.

In essence, trying to make my life as clear as possible is hurting me socially.

But does that mean I have to intentionally subject myself to life’s problems, create drama, and point out every single little snafu in front of me … Just to cure my social problems? I just don’t think that’s how life goes.



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