I Don’t Get Your Meme: Scars

“Wear Your Scars With Pride …”

“Because a scar-less man has not felt the hardship of life or the feeling of pain”

I’m going to start a series of blog entries slamming people’s memes. I’m not slamming the people that post them, but rather offer my Autistic mindset of a take on the whole point behind them.

Here’s a recent meme that crossed my Facebook news feed …


I really believe the whole point of this is that those who don’t have scars, or very few of them, are not as smart or valued as those with plenty of scars.

By scars, we mean mental scars. Life’s adventures that hit us hard, and bumps and potholes on broken roads.

I’ve lived my life carefully, although some say WAY TOO carefully. I won’t enter a situation if I know I have a good chance at failing at it. That’s not saying I’ve had bad things happen to me.

I’ve been fired from two jobs. I’ve been rehired at both of these jobs. I left one of those jobs the second time on my own terms. I’m still at the other.

I’ve been picked on at school, but I wouldn’t let it linger inside of me for long. I would subsequently counter it with something better. When you punch me, I punch back with greater force.

When I get a scar, I wash it away as quick as I can. One scar took me 10 years to finally eradicate.

Perhaps the biggest, and only, scar I have on myself is the reputation hit I took with my depressive episodes earlier this year. I’ve been on the losing side of a break-up, and I had to claw my way back up again.

And this scar of mine is something that I want to have washed away for good, just like my two firings.

Call it my Autistic sense of perfection, but I don’t like having scars all over me. The one I have on my throat (due to cyst surgery when I was 13) is already bad enough.

But don’t discredit me for the lack of scars I have.


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