Another NYR: Weight Loss in Falling Numbers

Weight loss isn’t really a big mental goal for me in 2016, and I didn’t emphasize it when I wrote the entry a couple of weeks back about goals for 2016.

I don’t have round numbers in mind. The last few times I have been on weight loss tries, I had a goal in mind, and when I passed it I started laxing.

I’m not saying that I want to be an anorexic person, but the goal is simply “falling numbers.”

Not too long ago, I rediscovered the bathroom scale under my sink. I thought I’d put it to good use. However, I kept thinking about a way to not derive from the routine and not have to dust it off after a while.

The solution? I tacked THIS next to my bathroom sink, above the lightswitch …


I look at my bathroom mirror every day, more than I do the collection of stuff magnetized on the fridge, or the front door of my house.

I’m hoping to weigh myself every day and write it down, hoping for “falling numbers.”

The first time I made a serious effort to lose weight was about 2010. I was 270 when I graduated from high school in 2005, and a few years later I was around 340. I remember going on my trip to Cooperstown and Canton (Baseball and Football halls of fame) in 2011 with the scale reading “299” the day I left.

That didn’t work. By Christmas of 2012 I was around 355. I hopped on to the “Fat Man Challenge” on a sports message board I frequent. That was enough to help me get down to about 285 by May of 2013. I got a membership to one of the local gyms and simply pounded the treadmill, avoided bad food, and parked further away from things.

Weight loss was set aside when I was experiencing some of the best times of my life with my (now-ex) best friend. While I felt happier, I didn’t think about looking at the scale.

Then came the really bad fallout. Depression leads to weight gain, and sure enough after all of it was said and done by April of this year, I was at 375 pounds, and likely going upward.

While I spent a lot of time trying to rebuild my life from all of that, I didn’t look at a scale from that point forward.

That was, until around Thanksgiving. I had dropped about 25 pounds from April, and was around 350. Still a precarious weight, but after Christmas I clocked in at 341.

So 341 is where I start as of Sunday, December 27 (when this blog entry is being written on the computer at home).

So now what?

I have friends that have sold, or sell, these weight-loss products. Not yet.

I’d rather go my own way, learning from the mistakes that I have made along the way.

Treadmill sessions pass time.

Sprite instead of Coke is an extremely minor change, but doesn’t fill my body with as many toxins.

Less fast food means more money in my pocket.

“Falling numbers” is a point of Pride for me (see the earlier blog post about Pride).

Keeping myself occupied with something doesn’t make me sit down and stare at the wall as much, or lie down and think as much. As long as I am moving in some way, I’m burning something in some way.

I honestly believe depression has been a big factor in falling off the wagon. Another mistake was not making working with my physical health when I was focusing on my social health. Now, I will try to focus on both facets of health at the same time.

That’s the series of plays in the no-huddle offense.



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