Life Update (1/24/16)

Somehow I have found a pocket of time to get myself organized. I usually do this in the form of writing updates about what I’m doing right now, and how I’m doing.

Last Sunday was the first day I had completely off from both jobs since New Years Eve. So it’s either a Casey’s shift, sports event to cover, or both. Sometimes I’ve been scheduling both jobs on the same day: Casey’s early in the morning, and a game to cover later that night.

That’s come back to bite me. This past Friday, I thought I had just a basketball game. Despite writing down my Casey’s shift on my calendar, I completely slept over it. My phone’s ringer was turned down because it was going off like wild the previous night while I was watching the Blackhawks game with my dad. I woke up Friday at 11:57 a.m., just 3 minutes before my Casey’s shift was supposed to be over.

So I’ve decided to penalize myself somewhat. No more double-duty for a while. One job per day. Casey’s schedules me whatever, and I give my boss at SVM my off-days from that job. Usually the week is filled.

While it’s a small hit in the wallet, it does give me time to rest, relax, and not be so frantic. Just lately, I was able to get my house cleaned, and my to-do list whittled down to just a few token things.

Which begs the question, what will I do with the free time?

Do I immerse myself with sports?

This seems like a really big life decision, pondering this over as I write.

In my last blog entry, I wrote about using sports as a subject of interaction. Now, a two-jobbed, sports-loving ambivert such as myself isn’t really the sexiest man in the world, but the key in life is to be happy. And when it comes to finding the woman I love, whatever happens, happens.



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