Body Says It’s Time to Act

no-fast-food (Note: This was an entry started about a month ago, and was put on the backburner. Decided to complete this thing after all, with an update)

A triple-cheddar butterburger basket from Culvers – February 25, 2015

That wound up being breakfast, lunch and dinner for that day. After a moment of denial, I made up my mind.

That’s it, I’m done.

Hello, my name is Cody, and I am a fast-food addict.

“Hi Cody!”

Because of the way my mind works, I have found it hard to successfully just up-and-quit things and never go back to them again. I can’t think of anything in my life that I have quit “Cold Turkey.” Other than maybe sauerkraut, but this is much different than that.

The reason? I’m experiencing pain in my knees and lower back. At the Casey’s job, I have to do a lot of squatting; whether it is stocking the cooler, rinsing the tea urns, reaching into the safe for money, or stocking stuff on lower shelves.

Working at a gas station isn’t a sedentary job. At Shell, I tried to make it less taxing as possible because I had early signs of these pains. So I would hurry up, get everything done, and sit down and either read the newspaper or chat with customers. There is no table at Casey’s, and they are adamant about constant moving around.

If a chore involves me bending down, I would be less-inclined to do it. However, not doing those particular chores gave co-workers the impression of slacking off, so I was kind of forced to bite the bullet and do them.

The most obvious counteraction to this is to look at working at Casey’s as a workout. However, there have been days where I run out of gas about an hour before I leave. Then I feel hungry.


As of this writing, it’s been 29 days since I have eaten any kind of fast food. The promise was also no pizza and no lottery tickets, but those have caved in. However, I have watched what I have eaten lately and am down a few pounds. But perhaps the biggest reason for the extra carefulness has been a tooth problem that has bothered me. I will post about this soon.


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