Yellow-Green Is What is Seen


I never liked the yellow-green crayon. It came in even the smallest box of crayons, and I never found a use for it on white paper. Now, that particular color is becoming more useful on signs and shirts all around.

Recently, we’ve found that road signs are more reflective with a greenish tint to compliment their yellow. School crossing signs and other safety signs that used to be more amber-colored are becoming brighter to see, especially they serve as the bounce for reflective light.

Construction workers and public safety officers have known that for years, given what they wear on the job. However, yellow-green is becoming the new orange when it comes to labor work.

It’s not that our eyesights are getting more blurred by the years, but the world is a lot colorful and brighter than it used to be. Through color-mixing technology and advances in electrical science, we’ve come up with brighter colors that can be seen from a greater distance, especially from rescue helicopters above.

It used to be that blue was associated with labor. Then it became orange. Now it is yellow-green,

I don’t own a yellow-green shirt. The brightest shirt I have in my current wardrobe is magenta-and-white checkerboard dress shirt; and the brightest in my closet is a pale blue dress shirt worn only on special occasions.

I tend to dress in dark colors, because black makes me look slim. So if I take off my black shirt and wear my aforementioned dress shirt, I then look a little bit larger. My winter coat is also black. My shoes are black. Most of my dress pants are black, and my Casey’s smocks are black. That doesn’t mean the word “Slipknot” is written in decal anywhere, but I feel comfortable wearing the clothes I wear.

That doesn’t make me seen very well in public, I understand that. Especially when I’m out walking at night.

It makes me wonder if I will get better looks if I started wearing yellow-green shirts …


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