Longest Pro Sports Droughts by State

I’m pulling for the Cavs.

No, not necessarily because of LeBron.

Cleveland hasn’t won a professional sports championship since the Browns in 1964. Every major American city with more than three pro sports teams has won at least one since – and don’t forget the forgetful Cleveland Barons hockey team of the late 1970s.

Perhaps even more surprising is the fact that Ohio hasn’t had a professional sports championship since the Reds won in 1990. Six professional sports teams reside in Ohio: the Bengals, Blue Jackets, Browns, Cavs, Indians, and Reds.

Of all states with more than one professional sports team, Ohio has the longest drought.

Two additional states have a pro sports team with some sort of futility. Oregon hasn’t won since the Trail Blazers won in 1977. The Utah Jazz have never won a championship since joining the NBA in 1974. Oklahoma, South Carolina and Tennessee have also never won championships, but those droughts are shorter than Ohio’s.

The second-longest state-without-a-title drought belongs to Minnesota, who last won with the Twins in 1991. Next up is Washington DC, with the Redskins’ Super Bowl win in 1992.

Also of note, Ontario has not won a championship since the 1993 Blue Jays. Ontario is the only province with teams in three different leagues with a majority of teams in the United States – Blue Jays, Raptors, Maple Leafs, Senators.

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