Life Update – July 1

I’ve spent about 3 weeks in limited work mode at both Casey’s and SVM. Despite this not being by choice, I have enjoyed my time off. It’s been a refreshing and relaxing time to set priorities and get them straight, and catch up on some of the things I had yet to work on. I feel a lot better having taken the time off.

Now I’m back in the working fold again, much more relaxed and better-feeling than before. Casey’s hours are picking up, and I’m feeling fine now that I have more of a defined work schedule there – rather than being thrown around on different shifts.

My main shift at Casey’s is 5 a.m. to noon. This is a busy shift in which I handle a lot more cash register duty. I only do this 2 days a week, as we have a full-timer who does this for the other 5. The other shifts I work are considered “help” shifts, mainly from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. – and this particular shift I enjoy because I can work at my own pace without having to run back and forth between chore and customer.

This coming weekend I will be placed at the Saturday-Sunday morning spot, in time for the July 4 Weekend. As a “senior cashier” of sorts, I get placed in some of the busiest shifts. Sweat will be sweated. Blood will be bled. Ice will be sold.

In addition, I’m finding more ways to enjoy working there. It took me some time, but I like to think I’m getting the hang of it. My 1-year anniversary is coming up soon.

Journalism wise, the high school sports season is over and there hasn’t been much outside work to be done. The summer schedule is starting to take shape, and I’m working on some football stuff at the moment. I can’t wait for the fall season to come up, and spending more time dedicated to the profession that I love doing – now 15 years.

Ever so closer toward getting back to the top of my game.


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