Getting Used to My Surroundings

It doesn’t take me long to determine where I want to do in my life, and who I want to be with in my life.

Where I want to go is an easy one … I’m already there. Look at the picture.

Who I want to be with is a more ambiguous question. I’ve been around all kinds of people, and from that I know who I feel more comfortable around. You see, I’m really laid back and want to make things as easy as possible. I don’t have time to sort out a lot of drama, and don’t have the time to constantly figure out who is on my good and bad sides (and I don’t like people on my bad side).

I don’t like complex arguments, verbal bantering, and personal rivalries based on the decisions that we make in life. I don’t like playing defense in the game of life. Whatever happens, happens, as long as I know what’s going on.

I’ve met a lot of people who are strict on absolute rules of life, and the slightest derivation of those result in a judgement of people. I can’t stand these people.

I’ve met people who’ve had it real hard on their lives, and where even the slightest move, decision, thought, whatever, will cause them to start a verbal chess match against me. I can’t stand these people.

There are people whose peace of minds are real high, and that’s who I choose to be around. I would like to be around people that can make my life easier, not challenging for THEIR own good.

Give me the polo shirts, slacks, and the professional setting any day over “life survival.”


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