Cody’s Secondary Want List

Unlike the Top 100 list, and the Top 20 minor league list (coming soon), this particular list is sorted by teams. This is because the players on this list played for multiple teams in recent years, where cards of them are abundant.

For each player I choose to collect, I would like to have one card of that player for each team they have played for.

Example: Dan Kolb – Rangers, Brewers, Braves. He also played for the Pirates, but no Pirates card of him exists.

I started collecting seriously in the mid-1990s. In the 10 years that went by, it’s hard for me to admit that there were cards of players on certain teams that I missed, but it happens. Then again, I wasn’t collecting to satisfy any want list. I, like many collectors, thought quantity meant money. Nope. 

These are cards of 1970s-era players, as well as Hall of Famers from recent years. Since there is more than one kind of card for these players on certain teams, they are lumped in this list. I have a specific degree of pickiness when it comes to players on this list. Base or parallel cards only (NO subset cards!) I’ve decided not to get in the business of high-cost autographs, patches, variants, press plates, etc.
In recent years, there are a large number of variations, inserts, autographs, game-used items, and different surface material (cardboard, chrome, etc.). Instead of choosing which variation I’m looking for, this list pretty much just lumps it all into one.

For each team, a player will be listed after it. As far as what kind of card, that doesn’t matter as long as the card is in presentable shape. Mints obviously preferred, but many times that won’t be the case. NOTE: There are some crossovers between this list and the Top 100.

When you look through this list, you’ll notice that you’ll find players and go, “They played for that team?”

Names marked with an asterisk (*) denote players who have a permanent spot on this list.

Secondary List

Angels: Ron Gant

Astros: Vinny Castilla, John Franco, Dwight Gooden, Andy Pettite

Athletics: Ron Gant, Eric Karros, Kevin Mitchell, Tim Raines

Blue Jays: Randy Myers, Phil Niekro, Omar Vizquel

Braves: Bobby Bonilla, Ken Caminitti, Wally Joyner, Gary Kolb*, Dennis Martinez, Graig Nettles, BJ Surhoff, Mickey Vernon

Brewers: Dan Kolb*

Cardinals: Seth Blair*, Chuck Finley, Joe Girardi, Gary Kolb*, John Smoltz, Fernando Valenzuela

Cubs: Joe Carter, Jim Edmonds, Howard Johnson, Eric Karros, Kenny Lofton, Lou Piniella

(Devil) Rays: Roberto Alomar

Diamondbacks: 0

Dodgers: Tommy Davis, Phil Garner, Luis Gonzalez, Andruw Jones, Kenny Lofton, Al Oliver, Joe Torre (mgr.), Devon White, David Wells, Todd Zeile

Expos: Jose Canseco, Todd Zeile

Giants: Doyle Alexander, Bruce Bochy, Steve Finley, Phil Garner, Goose Gossage, Randy Johnson, Ryan Klesko, Kenny Lofton, Sam McDowell, Al Oliver, Reggie Sanders

Indians/Guardians: Harold Baines, Chuck Finley, Jason Giambi, Jeff Kent

Mariners: Rickey Henderson, Dennis Martinez

Marlins: Mark Buehrle, Jim Leyland, Todd Zeile

Mets: Julio Franco, Shawn Green, Orel Hershiser, Gary Kolb*, Frank Tanana, Todd Zeile

Nationals: 0

Orioles: Javy Lopez, Jaime Moyer, Tim Raines, Andy Van Slyke, Todd Zeile

Padres: Kevin Brown, Vinny Castilla, Jim Edmonds, Randy Myers, Mike Piazza, Reggie Sanders

Pirates: Kirk Gibson, Goose Gossage, Gary Kolb*, Amos Otis, Luis Tiant, Mickey Vernon

Phillies: Kenny Lofton, Pedro Martinez, Jaime Moyer, Todd Zeile

Rangers: Ken Caminitti, Andruw Jones, Dan Kolb*, Kenny Lofton, Todd Zeile

Reds: Jim Edmonds, Terry Francona

Red Sox: Dan Kolb*, Javy Lopez, Jaime Moyer, Willie McGee, John Smoltz, David Wells

Rockies: Steve Finley, Jason Giambi, Ron Gant, Howard Johnson, Bret Saberhagen, Greg Vaughn

Royals: Hal McRae (Mgr. card), Hideo Nomo, Terry Pendleton, Reggie Sanders

Tigers: Luis Gonzalez, Ray Knight, Jim Leyland, Kenny Rogers

Twins: Don Baylor, Ruben Sierra; Mickey Vernon (Senators player)

White Sox: Jim Abbott, Ruben Sierra, Omar Vizquel, Richie Zisk

Yankees: Jose Cruz, Ichiro, Andruw Jones, Kenny Lofton, Sam McDowell, Rick Reuschel, Todd Zeile


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