About my “rant” this week

I went on a written tirade about dealing with finding vintage cards earlier this week, and I’m learning to have a lot of patience and understanding what goes on behind the glass card counter.

I gave the impression that card store owners were quick to jump the gun on wanting me to give them lots of money, and that I felt miffed by little things that went against my buying mindset. I was harsh when I wrote that, and maybe I need to understand how to make my search better, my experiences better, and still try to purchase cards the way I want to purchase them.

If I upset any dealers, I apologize.

I need to find a better way to do things.

I did change the “Want List” to a new name: “The List.” Particularly, it’s a list of cards “that I may be interested in.” Doesn’t mean that I’m going to immediately buy them, especially if price unseen.

Another idea that I may keep in mind is to divide my list into sections, and not try to find it all at once. There are several mainstream cards that are more often found than others, especially Topps and Bowman.

As of this current List, I have 5 Bowmans from 1949-55, and Topps from the 50s (2 beginning with 1956), 60s (5), 70s (8) and just one from 1980. Of those, the only players that I do not have an original card for AT ALL are Vern Stephens and Bob Elliott. A lot of the shops that I’ve been to, I have an idea what their layout is, and perhaps sectioning my list for multiple visits will just make things easier. Maybe I make Stephens and Elliott priorities, and it doesn’t bore the owner as much.

Maybe I put vintage priority on the mainstreams and make the vintage oddballs simple chance finds. Once I get the vintage section of the List whittled down oddballs, maybe showing that to the owner won’t be as bad – I think many know what oddball they have simply because it’s not a mainstream company.

I’m also compelled to think that anything after 1980 will need to be found via box raiding.

Having this philosophy in mind, I know I’ll be making repeat visits at some stores. In addition, I think this mindset will help me control my spending and prolong the experience.


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