No Pizza April


When I started on this crusade for better eating and losing weight, I told myself … No fast food, No pizza, No lottery tickets.

I have had ZERO fast food for 35 days. The pizza? That didn’t work out so well.

Figures, I work at a place that makes and sells pizza.

While I will continue to block off the fast food, blocking pizza from my cravings will be the big focus for April. My last box of pizza was bought on March 26, and finished on March 28.

One of the biggest thing that I would like to try to do is not work on an empty stomach, making it less likely that I leave Casey’s without a pizza in my hand. One of the down-sides of working at Casey’s is that there is no free water – good water – outside of the kitchen sink. I cannot do sink water.

This also means no pizza on my birthday, which is in 28 days.


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