What Do I Want For My Birthday?


As of the time I am writing this, my 30th Birthday is in 26 days. As I type this sentence, I have no idea what I want.

That’s because I have many great things already.

I have a roof over my head.

I have a working motor vehicle.

I have a cell phone that’s up with the times, and a laptop that fulfills what I need to do.

I have a job that I’ve always wanted, at the place I’ve wanted to be at (SVM).

I have working appliances, ample furniture, and working electronic necessities.

As far as material possessions are concerned, I’m all good. I’m going to beat a dead horse here by saying that something I don’t have is a girlfriend and children, but those aren’t really birthday presents.

I’m thinking about travel. I’ve been fortunate enough to have traveled to a lot of interesting places, either as a child or on my own. Sure, there are places that I want to see, but never have. Some are closer than I really think (such as the Kellogg’s Grove Battlesite posted on here earlier).

Expense-paid road trips – near or far, or a combination of places.

Time is what I would like.


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