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I pay $26/month for this website. I should probably utilize this more.

I haven’t written on here as much as I would like, and the reason for that is simple — I do not have an internet connection at home. I’m typing these words you see on my old Dell laptop, which is equipped with Windows 2000. This is a heavy laptop I received from a friend, and most times I’m too lazy to lug it around with me to the nearest public WiFi connection.

Instead, I have found a convoluted way to transfer these Text Edit files from my laptop to my cell phone, and, after copying and pasting, upload the words to the blog. Since the publishing process takes a very long time, I haven’t been making it a ritual to write entries.

Then there are the pictures. I try to accompany entries with some sort of picture, either taken myself or pulled from the internet. Posting the words is a process enough, uploading the picture and transferring it is a separate process.

I have thought about this blog lately, and trying to make it a routine once again to have published entries on a consistent basis. I have opinions and thoughts about many things, but never really get around to saying or posting them as much as I would like. Sure, there are the usual Facebook posts and short, opinionated Tweets, but I don’t really talk to a whole lot of people about things, aside from family and a small few friends.

Some thoughts are not safe for publishing. There are things that I can discuss privately. Sure, there’s the belief that if you don’t feel comfortable saying something in public, then there is a problem with what you’re saying. However, I have worked for companies and people that have stalked me on social media trying to find something, big or small, to try to fire me for. Someone I once worked for even had a couple of people do the dirty work for them.

Whatever I do write on here, though, is public — just like the newspaper articles I write. No Facebook privacy tweaks or things like that. I can’t block anyone from reading these.

So just what do I plan on doing with this blog?

Early on, I had been writing enough entries to have automatically posted every 3 days or so (because the blog provider I use allows me to do that). I liken it to a comic strip, where the creators draw up enough entries to run well into the future. That would help assure that something new will be posted every day, in addition to whatever is time-sensitive which can be posted right away — even with that, it could bump something not-so-time-sensitive to the end of the line.

You ask, why couldn’t I just post these thoughts on my Facebook timeline? That way, one wouldn’t have to click on a link and have a new window opened on their browser just to read what I write. However, when I post something to this blog, I can quickly share the link to each entry on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever platform. People on my Facebook can read this, people on my Twitter can read this, and people off of my Facebook or Twitter (or don’t have either) can read this.

Facebook posts and Tweets don’t have a strong URL link but the URL you see in your address bar right now is a strong one — long, but strong and easily shareable. is the way I communicate to the outside world about everyday life. It is my intent to communicate more, and this is the best way I can do it. I’ve tried podcasts, but they are so cumbersome to put together. So you have my written word — something that I am a professional at.

Come back often!


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