New Year’s Resolutions — 2017

Of my 2016 New Year’s Resolutions, only one of them stuck.

I didn’t do anything fun this year for the new year, but last year I went to The Cooler’s NYE bash. I had a sip of celebratory champagne, and I haven’t had anything alcoholic since. I only drank occasionally, and the most beers I’ve had in one sitting was 4 bottles of Not Your Father’s Root Beer at Cochran’s — before I was coerced into going over to someone’s house and singing karaoke in his basement.

So I’m going to continue do do that into 2017. And a few more things, also.

1. Make it a point to write in this blog more — as I had mentioned in the first blog post of this calendar year.

2. End the year weighing less than I did when I started — this year wasn’t quite kind to me, especially with the lack of time to prepare my own food myself.

3. Take on a new job challenge ON TOP OF SPORTS JOURNALISM — meaning, 2017 will be my last year working at a gas station (I’m making this declaration public right now). I’m hoping to utilize something that I can mentally do, and perhaps loosely tied into writing; something like public relations or marketing. Something I know I’m good at, and won’t be pressured in. Until I lose enough weight, the blue-collar stuff is out of the question.

4. Lose the stubble — my fashion Achilles’ heel is that I don’t even get around to shaving my face as much as I should. By the time I finish brushing my teeth and combing my hair, it’s time to go somewhere. When I do shave, I am meticulous about it. I have to take my time getting the hairs off, and sometimes it takes longer than other times.

I’m going to keep this list small and see what happens.


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