Junk Donation Idea: Youth Baseball Shrines

s-l640I’m all for the preservation and tangible enticement of local sports history.

Give me 50 Guy Hoffman baseball cards, and I can perhaps do something with them.

I’m not sure if there is a particular Guy Hoffman shrine at Ottawa Marquette, but I could certainly make one if I had the cards, and a little bit of craftiness.

One could do the same for other MLB players whose alma maters are known.

Yes, Jim Sundberg has a baseball field named after him in Galesburg, but after a few years who is going to know who Jim Sundburg is? Perhaps a baseball card display to grace the Silver Streaks’ accomplishments will put things together.

This doesn’t end with high schools. Rock Falls Little League developed a future MLB All-Star. I’m not sure where to put a Dan Kolb baseball card display, but the thought of one seems cool.

Belvidere bore a future American League Rookie of the Year. He was only 3 when he moved away, but is there any Joe Charboneau display in a historical archive in Belvidere?

sabr.org is a big help in this regard.


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