Indiana, Cincinnati, Owensboro and more: Spring 2023 multi-state road trip photo albums now online

On Sunday, I returned from a 5-day multi-state road trip to several places in Indiana, Cincinnati, northern Kentucky and south central Illinois.

This will be the largest road trip of 2023, unless something amazing happens.

This was a really fun trip, with more than 25 unique stops along the way.

I will post travel logs here on each of the five days soon.

Meanwhile, here are the photo albums (via Facebook):

Part I: Wandering Central Indiana (Crawfordsville, Indianapolis, Greensburg, Milan, etc.)

Part II: Wandering Cincinnati (President Taft boyhood home, American Sign Museum, Pete Rose’s alma mater, etc.)

Part III: Wandering Southern Indiana, Northern Kentucky and Some of Illinois (John Mellencamp’s “Small Town,” Santa Claus, Owensboro and the Bluegrass Music Hall, etc.)



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