What’s to come in April

I recently took a two-day trip inside the Driftless Region, and will embark on a multi-day, multi-state trip close to Illinois, but still so far away. Want to know more? 

I hope you have enjoyed the first road trip series on Cody’s Road Trips. That one takes you to the Rolle Bolle Rosary in Hooppole, an abandoned bridge north of Annawan, and the top of a moraine in Bureau County. 

That one trip only took me 30 miles from home. There are longer trips to come. Here’s an update on what’s to come in the next month or so here on Cody’s Road Trips: 

• On April 1 & 2, I took a trip along the Great River Roads of the Mississippi River to the Driftless Area Visitors Center in Lansing, Iowa; with a stop later in Shullsburg, Wisconsin. Both destinations were to supplement with day trip stories I am putting together for Sauk Valley Media’s Lake Lifestyle magazine (for the private community of Lake Carroll). 

Look for both my story on the Driftless Region in the magazine, as well as extra content here on Cody’s Road Trips, in early May. My story on Shullsburg, and extra content on here, will be posted in early June. 

• I took a trip to Maquoketa, Iowa in early March for a day trip story for April’s Lake Lifestyle. You can read that story HERE, and I plan to post extra content here about that trip in the coming weeks. 

• Now comes the big one. 

On Wednesday, April 13, I will embark on a trip that includes Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, and a return stretch through a part of Illinois I have yet to travel through. The trip plans to be somewhere between 3-6 days, depending on how I feel after the 3rd day. I hope to achieve the full extent of my plans, but could stop halfway if I experience aches and pains (it’s a long story). 

To give you a preview of what this trip is about, here’s what happened on my most recent Indiana trip in the fall of 2021: 

I had planned to see the following Indiana sports places: Hinkle Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, The Indiana High School Basketball Hall of Fame in New Castle, the Hoosiers movie gym in Knightstown, the Milan ’54 Museum in Milan, Larry Bird’s hometown of French Lick, John Wooden’s hometown of Martinsville, and finding the farm where baseball Hall of Famer Mordecai “Three Finger” Brown lost his fingers in Nyesville. I only made it to the first three before a bout of personal clumsiness forced me home early. 

For this trip, I have some of the above planned, and additional sports stops in Indiana and Cincinnati. Another place I hope to get to is Owensboro, Kentucky – home to what I hear is good barbecue and the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame. The final chief destination plans to be Cave-in-Rock State Park along the Ohio River in Illinois. 

The trip plans to be a figure-8 shape, with other destinations (both planned and unexpected) along the way. 

Do you want to ride shotgun? Here’s how: I will post immediate updates along the way on my Twitter page (@CodyCutter35), which is linked HERE, and on my Facebook page linked HERE. You don’t need to have a Twitter or Facebook account to view the posts. 

When I return, I plan to create a photo album on Facebook of each day’s worth of photos, and write separate posts here on Cody’s Road Trips giving more details about each day. I’m doing it after the trip because if I did at the end of each day, it feels like work and not a vacation. 

Stay tuned for some fun!


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